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imagine you wake up one morning and open your eyes and your room is filled with every single celebrity you find attractive and they’re all doing the macarena 


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Once Upon A Time + Text Posts {2/?

«What makes you think we came alone

The Downworlders Networks Battles
a character who died during the series - Max Lightwood

"And how old are you?" Isabelle said.
"Nine," said Max."I’ve always been nine."
Isabelle stared. The kitchen around her her was wavering. She could see through it, and if she were staring through printed fabric: everything going transparent, as mutable as water.
"Baby," she whispered. "My Max, my baby brother, please, please stay."
"I’ll always be nine," he said, and touched her face. His fingers passed through her, as if he were passing his hand through smoke. "Isabelle?" he said in a fading voice, and disappeared.